Stefan`s Collection - Disc Nr. 14

o1) The man with the long black coat - PETER CAULTON
o2) Cats in the cradle - HARRY CHAPIN
o3) Speak softly love - AL MARTINO
o4) You ain`t feel nothing yet - PETER CAULTON
o5) Let`s straighten it out - BENJAMIN LATIMORE
o6) We have all the time in the world - LOUIS ARMSTRONG
o7) I`m gonna love you just a little more... - BARRY WHITE
o8) Up with the wind - PETER CAULTON
o9) To the door of the sun - AL MARTINO
1o) White bird - IT`S A BEAUTIFUL DAY
11) A rainy night in Georgia - S. MOORE & C. TWITTY
12) To hot to handle - BENJAMIN LATIMORE
13) 18 Wheels - PETER CAULTON
14) I`m gonna sing you a sad song, Suzie - KENNY ROGERS
15) Love is blue - AL MARTINO
16) All time high - RITA COOLIDGE
17) You can have it all - GEORGE McCRAE
18) Lay it down brothers - PETER CAULTON
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